Links to Free Molecular Biology Resources

BioEdit A full featured sequence manipulation program. You get ABI trace viewing, contig assembly, BLAST searches, file format conversion, alignment editing and much, much more. Windows only.

SeqPup A Java based sequence manipulation program similar to BioEdit. Fewer features than BioEdit, but runs on any platform.

REBASE New England Biolabs' online database of restriction enzymes. REBASE has up to date information on every known restriction enzyme and text files for all restriction mapping software (updated monthly). Now includes DNA methylases.

NEBcutter New England Biolabs' online restriction mapping tool. Also maps long ORFs and outputs a graphical sequence map.

bioperl A collection of Perl modules for automation of sequence alignments, file format conversion, sequence annotation and more. The complete collection requires Unix/Linux, but the basic modules will run on any OS.

Wise2 Compares a single protein or profile HMM to a genomic DNA sequence, and predicts the corresponding gene structure. Use over the web or download and compile the Unix source code.

Sequence Manipulation Suite A collection of web based programs for analyzing and formatting DNA and protein sequences.

Gene Finder A collection of web based gene prediction programs.

Expasy A web based collection of tools for protein sequence analysis and structure prediction.

MolBiol.Net Portal for Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology An extensive collection of molecular biology related links.

Ensembl Genome Browser A web based graphic genome browser. Currently supports human, mouse, zebrafish and mosquito genomes.

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