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Update August 3, 2009 - Updated with latest enzyme list from REBASE

Update January 2, 2009 - Updated to latest enzyme file from REBASE.

Update May 26, 2008 - Updated the rest of the site (help page, FAQ, etc.) to look better and be XHTML compliant.

Update March 17, 2008 - Fixed bug in virtual digest where the reported length of the last fragment of a virtual digest was one base too short.

Update October 20, 2007 - Fixed bug caused by the front page update that had disabled individual enzyme selection.

Update October 16, 2007 - Updated the front page to XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Also changed the look and added some Javascript input validation.

Update May 29, 2006 - Updated the front page to be W3C compliant. Should look better in Firefox and Netscape now.

Update March 10, 2005 - Moved to new servers this week, sorry for the temporary outage this caused. RestrictionMapper can now handle larger sequences than previously. I have tested successfully with a 200 kilobase sequence at the most inclusive settings.

Update January 3, 2004 - Bug fixes: Cut points of zero were reported if an enzyme cut at the origin of a circular DNA sequence. This has been fixed. Also fixed a bug where one fragment of a circular digest had an extra base. And finally got rid of the nonpalindromes bug for good (I think).

Update May 20, 2003 -, a Perl module that allows automated queries of RestrictionMapper, is now available. Get it here.

Update April 26, 2003 - RestrictionMapper updated with the latest REBASE list. Note that some enzymes were removed because they are no longer commercially available. Also, the appearance of the page has been improved slightly.

Update January 18, 2003 - Bug fix: RestrictionMapper was misreporting the cut positions of nonpalindromic sites present in the reverse orientation (on the input strand). This has been fixed.

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